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Country Chat - July 2019

July 2019. This month’s three new releases kick off with a CD of novelty songs which are a bit like Marmite, you either hate it or love it (Hillbilly Novelty Bands In New York Vol 1 (1935-39)). Most New York producers were ignorant or jealous of the fine country old time sound, and tried to use their own versions of what they thought of music from the rural community. How wrong they were, but it brought forth a new sound that was popular and different with city folk back in the thirties that were so wrapped up in Jazz & the big orchestral sound. A lot of immigrants landed in New York during this period and put their music in line with the Hick sounds of the City. The rest is history and we at BACM thought that it should not be forgotten and lost within the pages of time – it’s all a part of the country scene from the Big Apple.

During the early 50s a young couple were making a name for themselves in Nashville Tennessee – yes, Carl & Pearl Butler who were hitting the charts with their brand of Country Music. I remember back then of looking at the Billboard & Cash Box charts, and their names were always to be seen. We’ve pulled together a collection of some of their lesser known recordings from the era including early recordings which are fast becoming very rare.(CARL BUTLER – Remember The Alamo. BACM CD 636).

Also popular in that era was a young Canadian, Hank Snow with his Rainbow Ranch Boys and their songs were fast overtaking everyone else on the scene. We’re pleased to issue a CD by Hank’s son, named after the great Jimmie Rodgers, Jimmie Rodgers Snow. Here we have released most of his Country singles on RCA and as a bonus, a number of his earliest recordings, early 1950s on the 4 Star Label, recorded as “Jimmie Snow”. Much later Jimmie became a Minister and his subsequent recordings were all on the gospel side. (JIMMIE RODGERS SNOW – Treasures Untold. BACM CD637).

In case some of you are wondering about the health of Brian Golbey, we have to report that he is still active with his part in the production of BACM CDs but he has to report to the hospital for a much needed operation very soon. We will let you know of his progress in our next news letter. In case anyone wishes to drop him a Get Well card you can send it to him at 7 Hallcroft, Beeston, Notts. NG9 1EL. Care of Sandi Golbey. We all wish him good health & hope everything turns out for the best.

We have some great CDs for you in future months, including names that you haven’t heard of for many years. We’ll endeavour to keep up our regular supply but as we’ll be down to a team of two for a while I hope that you’ll make due allowances – we are doing our best to keep things on an even keel.

Hoping you enjoy the summer and the music, from all here at the BACM headquarters.

DAVE, BARRY & BRIAN, and all our friends that help us out so much with the production of BACM CDs

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