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CD D 209

WADE RAY Things I Might Have Been.. B.A.C.M. 209

Child prodigy fiddle player who also developed a fine and distinctive vocal style; here are 26 of his 1950s jazz-tinged RCA Victor recordings .

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Track listing:

- Heart Of A Clown
- Echo Of Your Voice
- Bill Bailey Wont You Please Come Home
- Its All Your Fault
- Things I Might Have Been
- Call Me Up
- If They Should Ask
- Burned Fingers
- Dont Wait To Baby Your Baby
- That Love Makin Melody
- Did I Do Wrong
- Let Me Go Devil
- Too Late To
- Saturday Night
- First Last And Always
- Idaho Red
- A Penny For Your Thoughts
- Rosetta
- Letters Have No Arms
- Theres No Fool Like A Young Fool
- No Mama No Papa
- Excuse Me
- I Couldnt Be So Happy
- Dipsy Doodle (Instr.)
- Sentimental Journey
- Albino Stallion

Price: USD $22.00           

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