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CD D 577

THE TEXAS RANGERS Vol. 2 1941–1947 BACM CD 577

An unusual ‘Western Harmony’ group in that few of the musicians came from a traditional or hillbilly background so they developed a distinctive style, shaping their repertoire to their own strengths, described elsewhere as “Impeccable musicality, some fine song writing and an infectious sense of fun”. The ‘Impeccable musicianship’ includes some extraordinary instrumental work with great solos by Clarence Hartman (who could play 18 instruments but here playing bass – often taking the solo part which most western bands would have given to the fiddler), Joe Strand (accordion) and guitar virtuoso Herb Kratoska (who was also featured on our recent HOT GUITARS Vol. 1 Early Country Hillbilly & Jazz collection). Nice mix of standards like Old Chisholm Trail, When The Bloom Is On The Sage and Careless Love – and some fine originals. Many thanks to Kevin Coffee for the research and liner notes.

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Track listing:

- The Bloom Is On The Sage
- Careless Love
- Old Chisholm Trail
- Headin’ Home
- Yo Ho The Rodeo
- Ridin’ The Trails
- Dry And Dusty
- Six Gun Dan
- Powder River
- We Wanna Sing
- Dogie’s Lullaby
- Beans And Muddy Coffee
- Yankee Doodle
- When The Prairie Sun Says Good Mornin’
- Fort Worth Jail
- Hold That Critter Down
- My Adobe Hacienda
- Granny Ain’t A Rockin’ In Her Old Rockin’ Chair
- The Gals Don’t Mean A Thing
- Left My Gal In The Mountains
- The Big Corral
- The Low Down Blues
- Did You Mean It?
- Rose Of Santa Fe
- Open Range Ahead
- The Man In The Moon Is A Cowhand
- The Kerry Dance
- Cross Bow
- Just Rollin’ On
- Dude Cowboy
- Someday
- These Tears Are Not For You

Price: USD $22.00           

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02 Careless Love (1941)

32 These Tears Are Not For You (1947)