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CD D 22


This group was launched in 1930 on station KNPC in Beverly Hills, LA as a novelty act, playing 'Musical hillbillies, come into town from out thar in the hills", and rapidly built a massive fan base. Superb musicians and entertainers with an enormous repertoire of songs they had a big influence on the early Sons Of The Pioneers among others. Here we have selected 24 songs from 1930-1937 showing this historically important band in their various formations of members.

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Track listing:

- When The Bloom Is On The Sage
- My Pretty Quadroon
- When Its Harvest Time
- At The End Of The Lane
- Mellow Mountain Moon
- Back In The Hills Of Colorado
- Peek A Boo
- My Old Iowa Home
- Wonder Valley
- Strawberry Roan
- Prairie Skies
- She Sleeps Beneath The Daisies
- When I Was A Boy From The Mountains
- Big Corral
- Git Along Little Dogies
- Ridge Runnin Roan
- Lonesome Valley
- Back In The Old Sunday School
- The Old Arapahoe Trail
- Rosalie
- On The Texas Prairie
- Singing My Hillbilly Song
- When The Wild
Flowers Are In Bloom
- My Little Cow Pony And I

Price: USD $22.00           

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01-When-The-Bloom-Is-On-The-Sage (1930-vocal-Tom-Ezra)

21-On-The-Texas-Prairie (1937-vocals-Ezra-and-trio-fiddle-Hank-Skillet)