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CD D 50

THE OKEH LABEL Classic Old Time Music. B.A.C.M. 50

The cream of early (1920s/1930s) performers are here on this legendary label - including a young Roy Rogers.

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Track listing:

- My Own Iona : Scottdale String Band
Dry Gin Rag : Narmour & Smith
Alabama Flood : Blind Andy Jenkins with Mary Lee
Hogs In The Tater Patch : Hugh Roden & Roy Rodgers
When Married Folks Are Out Of Cash : Bill Chitwood’s Georgia Mountaineers
Texas Breakdown : Narmour & Smith
Sweet Bye And Bye : Bela Lam’s Greene County Singers
Daniel In The Lion’s Den : North Carolina Cooper Boys
Lee County Blues : George Walburn & Emmett Hethcox
Little Dog Yodel : Ralph Richardson
New Coon In Town : The Four Virginians
Carolina Glide : Scottdale String Band
Little Maud : Bela Lam’s Greene County Singers
Tequila Hop Blues : Narmour & Smith
The Sweet Story Of Old : Bela Lam’s Greene County Singers
Devil In The Woodpile : J.D. McFarland & Daughter
Sidewalks Of New York : Andrew Jenkins & Carson Robison
Texas Shuffle : Narmour & Smith
Scottdale Stomp : Scottdale String Band
Tell It Again : Bela Lam’s Greene County Singers
Women Wear No Clothes At All : Fiddlin’ Bob Larkin’s Music Makers
Bronco Bustin’ Blues : Phil Pavey (aka Roy Evans)
Old Folks Better Go To Bed : Scottdale String Band
All Night Long : Roba Stanley & Bill Patterson
Chinese Breakdown : Scottdale String Band

Price: USD $22.00           

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01-My-Own-Iona (Scottdale-String-Band. Mar-1927)

22-Bronco-Bustin-Blues (Phil-Pavey. Feb-1929)