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CD D 538

THE NITE OWLS. Featuring Al Dexter & Clay Long. BACM CD 538

They have largely dropped out of the history books and their recording era lasted just a couple of years in the late 1930s, but the Night Owls were an accomplished trio of superb musicians who went onto become leading players in the fast developing Western swing scene; lead instrumentalist, Bob Symons played (variously) steel, standard guitar and electric guitar – one of the first to record on the instrument, playing one of the early Rickenbackers. This compilation, 28 tracks, mix of styles – proto Western Swing, honky tonk and novelty; 18 as The Night owls, featuring several vocalists including two (unissued) tracks featuring a young Al Dexter a few years before he hit the big time with Pistol Packing Mama.

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Track listing:

- I’m Just as Happy
- Nine Miles Out O’ Town
- Papa’s Gone
- All That I’m Asking Is Sympathy
- Rosie
- Loud Mouth
- What’s Yo Name
- Then I’ll Be Happy
- Eight Ball Blues
- Memphis Blues
- Beale Street Blues
- Here Comes Your Pappy
- Get It Ready
- I Got Worry On My Mind
- High And Dry Blues
- I’m Sorry I Made You Cry
- Who’s Sorry Now
- Come A Little Closer
- Waiting Old Pal For You
- Dreaming Of You
- Alabama Moon
- Answer To Disappointed Love
- I’m Gonna Ride
- Captain, Tell Me True
- I Love You Best Of All

Price: USD $22.00           

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04-All-That-I'm-Asking-Is-Sympathy (Vocal Luke Owens -1937)

25-I-Love-You-Best-Of-All (vocal Clay Long -1938)