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CD D 260

TABBY WEST Chat Chat Chatanooga. B.A.C.M. 260

This girl was a strong competitor for Patsy Cline, Jean Shepard and Kitty Wells. Good solid, tuneful 1950s C&W; track 2 features Texas Bill Strength.

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Track listing:

- A Back Street Affair
- Our Love Isnt Legal
- You Gave Me A Hard Way To Go
- I Was The Bridesmaid
- Pretty Little Dedon
- A Cold One Way Street
- Sea Of Sorrow
- My Daddy Left My Mommy Again
- Inchin Up
- Forbidden Fruit
- Lets Make Love Or Go Home One
- You Cant Have My Love
- I Love You Too Much To Leave You
- Crew Cut And Baby Blue Eyes
- Chat Chat Chatanooga
- They Accused Me
- I Love Everybody
- Hillbilly Blues
- Heres To Love
- Oh Mama If Only Id Listened To You
- Texas Millionaire
- Send Me Somebody Like Joe
- Careless Darlin
- I Cant Stop Loving You

Price: USD $22.00           

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23 Careless-Darlin