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CD D 221

SOUTH OF THE BORDER (various artists). B.A.C.M. 221

25 Mexican associated songs from various performers. Nice mix of vocal and instrumental styles. Includes songs from Jim Reeves, Hank Snow and Bob Wills.

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Track listing:

- El Rancho Del Rio : Jim Reeves
Mexico Gal : T. Tommy Cutrer
At The Fiesta : Copper Kings
Border Town Fiesta : Buddy Walker
El Rancho Grande : Joe Maize
In My Adobe Hacienda : Eddy Howard
Panama : Hank Snow
Marriage Of Mexican Joe : Carolyn Bradshaw
Lady Of Spain : Pancho Baird
I Want To Go To Mexico : Bob Wills
Mexican Joe : Ed McNeely
Cielito Lindo Huasteco : Los Rancheros
Ridin Down To Mexico : Rex Allen
Aye Aye On Mexicos Beautiful Shores : Shelton Brothers
Son Of Mexican Joe : Mary Jo Chelette
Drinking Tequila & Mexican Beer : Larry Bryant
We Met In Old Mexico : Russ Brown
Goodbye To Old Mexico : Dwight Butcher
Mexican Yodel : Harry Torrani
Sunset Trail From Mexico : Johnny Bond
La Paloma : Roy Smeck
Penas Del Alma : Miguel Aceves Mejia
A Gay Ranchero : Shorty, Sue & Sally
Mexico Skies : Zeke Clements
Rose Of Mexico : Wade Holmes

Price: USD $22.00           

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01-El-Rancho-Del-Rio (1953-Jim-Reeves)

25-Rose-of-Mexico (Wade-Holmes)