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CD D 317

SLIM WILLET A Cold Can Of Beer. B.A.C.M. 317

Best known for "Don't let the stars get in your eyes", Slim composed all 30 lively tracks on this CD; some good songs and great country-sound backing.

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Track listing:

- Im Going Strong
- Im A Tool Pusher From Snyder
- A Cold Can Of Beer
- I Call You Stingy
- Nobody Loves A Fat Man
- Give Me That Kind Of Love (That You Would Like To Receive)
- My Storys Sadder That Yourn [sic]
- When We Grow Old
- Hadacol Corners
- Dont Let The Stars (Get In Your Eyes)
- Let Me Know
- Hungry Slim (instr.)
- The Red Rose
- My Love Song To You
- Live While Youre Young (Dream While Youre Old)
- Let Me Know (2nd version)
- Come Sundown
- I Might Confess
- If Winter Comes
- Do As I Do
- Its Hard To Love Just One
- Villa Cuna (instr.)
- Dont Waste Your Heart
- Love Me Baby
- Dont Laugh At Me
- Leave Me Alone Now
- Tall Men
- Mata Hari
- Ive Been A-Wonderin
- Dont Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (instr. version)

Price: GBP £13.00           

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