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CD D 396

SKEETS YANEY Hello Trouble. B.A.C.M. 396

25 songs, mainly 1950s recordings by this top DJ and singer - whose voice and phrasing have similarities with Eddie Arnold and Cowboy Copas; his distinctive yodeling is featured on several tracks..

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Track listing:

- When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
- Under The Light Of Western Stars
- When I Lost You
- Ill Get Along Somehow
- All The World Is Lonely Now
- Dont You Tell A Soul
- You Cant Keep The Tears Out Of My Eyes
- Darling, What Is Life Without Love
- The Love I Threw Away
- Before You Break My Heart
- I Was Never Nearer Heaven In My Life
- After Im Gone
- Hello Trouble
- Apple Of My Eye
- If It Was A Teardrop
- Meet Me In The Chapel
- Play Me That Old Song Again
- Never Can Be
- If You Dont Love Me (Please Leave Me Alone)
- I Saw You Cheatin Last Night
- Ordinary
- Just What You Want Me To Do
- Faded Cactus Blossoms
- Well Keep Em Flying
- End Of The World

Price: USD $22.00           

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25 End-of-the-world