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CD D 218

SKEETER HUBBERT Give Me A Horse And A Saddle. B.A.C.M. 218

Fine trio (Skeeter and his cowboys, Ezra Paulette and Charlie Quick) with 25 transcription recordings from 1941/42 of mainly Western-themed songs.

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Track listing:

- Give Me A Horse And A Saddle
- Arizona Home
- Come On My Pony
- Corinna
- Rhythm Of The Range
- How I Love Those Saddle Songs
- Open Country
- Oh For The Life Of A Cowboy
- The Strawberry Roan
- Ill Follow The Trail That I Love
- In The Year Of Jubilo
- Stars Of The Western Sky
- Over The Garden Wall
- Susan Jane
- Is It True
- Sing Me A Cowboy Song
- Sing Me A Song Of The Saddle
- Wagon Train
- Golden Portals
- Uncle Noahs Ark
- Song Of The Moving Herd
- Im Ridin Saddle For A Dollar A Day
- Buffalo Days
- Nancy Till
- Let Me Ride On The Range

Price: USD $22.00           

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