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CD D 401

SHELLY LEE ALLEY And His Alley Cats. B.A.C.M. 401

Prolific songwriter (the legendary Jimmie Rodgers recorded several of his compositions) who started out as a jazz/pop bandleader but who later turned to Western Swing. Here are 27 songs reflecting the wide variety of his output from 1937 through to the mid 50s.

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Track listing:

- Mean Mama Blues
- Sweetheart Of Mine
- Let Me Bring It To Your Door
- Im Still In Love With You
- My Precious Darling
- Nine Or Ten Times
- Whats The Matter Now
- Dont You Care
- Why Should I Worry Now
- What Size Do You Need
- Ill Take You Back Again
- Tired Of You
- My Texas Sweetheart
- Two More Years
- Hang Your Pretty Things By My Bed
- Goodbye My Little Dream Girl
- How Can You Treat Me This Way
- Dont Leave Me With A Broken Heart
- Oh What A Fool Ive Been
- I Just Cant Forget The Past
- Answer To My Precious Darling
- My Love
- Soldiers Return
- Low Down Blues
- Somehow
- Cold Cold Ways
- Little Home Of Long Ago

Price: USD $22.00           

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02-Sweetheart-of-mine (Dallas, 1937)

25-Somehow (Houston, 1955)