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CD D 328

SAM NICHOLS The Old Cowhand From The Rio Grande. B.A.C.M. 328

28 tracks of smooth Western Swing selected from Nichols' recordings from the mid 40s (the time before the harder-edged Hank Williams sound took over), to the early 50s.

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Track listing:

- Im Telling You
- That Wicked Look In Your Eye-1
- I Gotta Tie My Baby (To A Hitchin Post)
- One Sided Love
- Youll Live To Regret It (Wait And See)
- Nobodys Fool
- That Wild And Wicked Look In Your Eye-2
- Mississippi Gal
- Red Hair And Green Eyes
- Aint That Too Bad
- Im As Free As A Breeze
- Two Weeks Notice
- Its My Life
- Win Or Lose
- Youre Free Again
- Honky Tonk Baby
- Your Key Dont Fit My Lock Anymore
- Im Not The Triflin Kind
- Sows, Cows, Plows
- It Never Rains But What It Pours
- Youre So Heartless (And Im
So Forgiving)
- I Wonder Why I Worry Over You
- Who Puts The Cat Out When Papas Out Of Town
- Keep Your Motor Hot
- Yellow Roses
- I Want My Alimony
- Yellow Roses-2
- I Want My Alimony-2

Price: USD $22.00           

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01-That-wicked-look-in-your-eye (1946)

27 Yellow-roses-1953