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CD D 193

ROCKY BILL FORD His Complete Recordings. B.A.C.M. 193

We are pleased to present here the complete recorded output from the 1950s of this 'Singing Barber' from Texas; 27 songs in his distinctive stripped down sound including his "Beer Drinking Blues" hit.

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Track listing:

- Beer Drinking Blues
- Aggravatin Woman
- You Know Doggone Well I Do
- Was I Dreaming
- Im A Hen Pecked Man
- Darling, Why Do You Pretend
- Ill Try All My Life
- Willie Dum Dee
- Blowing Suds Off My Beer
- What Would You Do
- Watchin The Clock And Grievin
- Have I Overstayed My Welcome (In Your Heart)
- In All My Dreams
- At My Expense
- Love Me Love Me Not
- There She Goes
- Drifting Apart
- A Little Less
- You Married For Money
- Since Youre Gone
- I Dont Wanta
- Dont Throw Your Life Away
- A Message From The Tradewinds
- I Wont Be Home No More
- Take These Chains From My Heart
- Mad Dog In Town
- Have You Seen Mabel

Price: USD $22.00           

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