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CD D 540

RILEY SHEPARD – I Hang My Head And Cry. BACM CD 540.

Thanks are due to Riley’s daughter Stacya Silverman for her painstaking efforts to track down information on this talented, enigmatic musician who recorded under more than a dozen names. Here we present a selection of his 1940s recordings made as ‘Riley Shepard’, plus two as ‘Rex Cross’. Mix of styles, some country ballads, novelty tunes and even a swinging New Jole Blon featuring the legendary jazz violinist Eddie South.

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Track listing:

- Those Precious Love Letters
- (I Could Tell By) The Look In Her Eye
- Hoosier Baby
- Train Whistle Blues
- Texas Blues
- The Leaf Of Love
- Who Me (1)
- New Jole Blon
- Who Me (2)
- Strike
- Air Mail Special On The Fly
- Baby Can You Laugh At That
- Your Last Goodbye
- I Hang My Head And Cry
- That Aint Right
- I Trusted You
- 40 Miles At Sea
- What Else Can I Do But Love You
- Conversation With A Mule
- I Love You Best Of All
- Born To Lose
- Till The End Of The World
- Scrappin’ (Instr.)
- Will You Be My Darlin
- Got A Dolly Down In Dallas


Price: USD $22.00           

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22-Till-The-End-Of-The-World (1948)