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CD D 644

RICKY RIDDLE – I’m A Whip Crackin’ Daddy-BACM CD 644

Many will not have had the chance of hearing Ricky Riddle before, a fine baritone voice some would see as a trailblazer for the early Eddie Arnold and Jim Reeves style of country crooning, so we have gathered up a couple of dozen of his recordings, all from the early 1950s. Good straight out country, a fresh listen to recordings you almost certainly will not be familiar with. Includes Price Of Love, a fine duet with Anita Kerr later of the Anita Kerr Singers. The band is led by guitarist Harold ‘Hal’ Bradley who became an A-team session man through the 60s’, both on rhythm and lead (Bradley played the opening banjo notes on Johnny Horton’s 1959 hit “The Battle of New Orleans and his electric bass guitar can be heard on many legendary hits including Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”.)

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Track listing:

Second Hand Heart
- Somebody’s Been Stealin’ My Baby’s Sugar
- Ain’t You Ashamed
- Smoke Comes Out My Chimney
- Boogie Woogie Tennessee
- Price Of Love
- I’ve Got Another Fish To Fry
- Take Care
- Cold Icy Feet
- Lost
- Old Rugged Cross
- He Bought My Soul
- Does Your Heart Have A Guarantee
- I Wish I May I Might
- Heartsick
- Sun Kissed Cutie
- If Tears Were Music
- I’m So Lonesome
- What Do You Do When You’re Not Breakin’ Hearts
- You Belong To Another
- A Brand New Heart
- Steamboat Boogie
- Drivin’ Down The Wrong Side Of The Road
- I’m A Whip Crackin’ Daddy.

Price: USD $22.00           

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01-Second-Hand-Heart (1950)