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CD D 526


Another crop of fine recordings from the legendary Renfro Valley Barn Dance, a companion to our MEMORIES OF RENFRO VALLEY, CD41 released back in 2003 and still available. To quote from Bryan Chalker’s sleeve notes: “These delightfully nostalgic performances are rekindling a lost age of innocence, country living and good old fashioned pickin’ and grinning”!

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Track listing:

- The Valley Where Time Stands Still : Renfro Valley Folks

I Have No Mother Now : Claude Sweet & Roy Davidson

You Cant Make Me Cry Anymore : Wade Baker

Dust On The Bible : Holden Brothers with Emory Martin

Black Mountain Blues (Instr.) : Jack Holden’s Georgia Boys -fiddlin’ by Wayne Midkiff Red Barn

Win Or Lose : Randal Parker

Tennessee Memories : Mattie Marthie & Minnie

Old And Only In The Way : Claude Sweet & Roy Davidson

Sweetheart Mountain Rose : Holden Brothers

Not Just Tomorrow But Forever : Randall Parker

Youll Never Miss The Water : Claude Sweet & Roy Davidson

You Cant Live With Em (And You Cant Live Without Em) : Mattie Marthie & Minnie

New Drifting And Dreaming : Jack Holden’s Georgia Boys

Doin My Time : Smokey Ward

Mothers Not Dead, She Is Only Sleeping : Holden Brothers with Emory Martin

I Said Its You : Randall Parker

Mocking Bird (Instr) : Jack Holden’s Georgia Boys -fiddlin’ by Wayne Midkiff

What Do I Do With The Baby-O : The Coon Creek Girls

It Is No Secret What God Can Do : Jerry Behrens & Coon Creek Girls

Jim Along Josie : The Coon Creek Girls

Youre The Someone I Cant Forget : Randall Parker

Long Gone From Bowling Green : Wade Baker

Mama Im Sick : Jack Holden’s Georgia Boys

Believe Me I Dont Mind : Randall Parker

Dog Bite Yo Hide : Smokey Ward

Price: GBP £13.00           

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01-I-Have-No-Mother-Now (Claude-Sweet & Roy-Davidson)

24-Believe-Me-I-Dont-Mind (Randall Parker)