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CD D 233

RED KIRK ‘The Voice Of The Country’. B.A.C.M. 233

A nowadays little remembered singer/guitarist who had a couple of hits ("Lovesick Blues" in 1949, included here and "Lose your Blues", 1950) but then faded, here with twenty 1949-50 tracks - including a rare Lazy Ranch Boys radio show.

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Track listing:

- Only One Step More
- Gentle Hands
- Fairy Tales
- You Put My Heart In Prison
- Walking Round In Circles
- Threes A Crowd
- Cold Steel Blues
- Sentimental  Journey
- Train Track Shuffle
- Careless Mind
- Its Raining In My Heart
- Knock Out The Lights And Call The Law
- Sugar Coated Love
- Lovesick Blues
- A Package Tied In Blue
- Its Nothing To Me
- How Still The Night
- Davy Crockett Blues
- Red Lipped Girl
- Lazy Ranch Boys Radio Show

Price: USD $22.00           

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01-Only-One-Step-More (1951)

18-Davy-Crockett-Blues (1955)