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CD D 683

PETE PIKE – The Virginia Hillbilly. BACM CD 683.

We included three Pete Pike recordings on our BLUE RIBBON LABEL collection (BACM CD 683) leading to many requests for more. We have now sourced enough tracks for a full CD (thanks are due to David Mankelow). Pike was another of those big talents who somehow never made the national big time despite a distinctive voice and making some fine recordings. He achieved strong local popularity in Virginia in the ‘40s through radio shows and appearances at the Virginia Music festival and was one of the first artistes to sign up to the Rebel Record Company in 1950, recording at the legendary Owen Bradley Studios with Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer and Pete Drake as key session men. Several of these early recordings are on our BACM disc – mainly in the classic early 50s country style somewhat reminiscent of Webb Pierce. We also include some later recordings in a more bluegrassy style duetting with Buzz Busby in Washington DC.

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Track listing:

I Can See An Angel
- House Of The Lord
- You're Not Mine Anymore
- I'm Walking Alone
- Yellow Leaves
- I'm Burning All Your Letters
- Cry Cry Darling
- A Friend Of The Bride
- Down In The Willow Garden
- At My Side
- It's Just Between Us Two
- Lonesome Wind
- I Don't Mind
- Cold Grey Dawn
- Making Love To A Stranger
- I'll Always Wonder Why
- Napanee
- Blues On My Mind
- Alone And Forsaken
- I Can See An Angel (2)
- Legend Of The Stars And Bars
- On Top Of The Hill
- Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
- Little Maggie
- I Mean Moo
- All Because Of My Jealous Heart.

Price: USD $22.00           

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09 Down-In-The-Willow-Garden

26 All-Because-Of-My-Jealous-Heart