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CD D 435

PELL BROTHERS Brooklyn Hillbillies BACM CD 435

Private recordings, most never heard before from this bluegrassy close harmony duo who were setting the New York country music clubs abuzz in the early 1960s. Everlys-style close harmonies, bluegrassy instrumention, nice selection of easy-on-the-ear country songs.

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Track listing:

- I Told Them All About You
- In The Jailhouse Now
- My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
- Let’s Rock Tonight
- Girls Of Texas
- Whats It Like To Be In Love
- Why
- This Feeling Inside
- Happiness  Called
- The Sparkle In Your Eyes
- Im Just Girl Crazy
- Thats Where I Belong
- Where Has Your Little Heart Gone
- Will You Care For Me Tomorrow
- You Treat Me Like A Fish In The Ocean
- Journey Of Love
- Please Show Me The Way Back Home
- Crazy Arms
- My Beloved
- Walkin And A Talkin
- Dearest Love
- The World Is Mine
- Happy Valley
- If I Could Only Wrap Your Kisses In Cellophane
- Foolish Mistakes
- Blue Guitar
- Dinosaur Rock
- Down In Rio De Janeiro

Price: GBP £13.00           

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