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CD D 569

PARKER FAMILY – Country & Bluegrass Gospel. BACM CD 569

One of the most popular ‘traditional country’ family groups in West Virginia post WWII were Rex and Eleonore Parker who, later when performing with their two daughters, became known as the Parker Family. They never strove to hit the big time nationally, preferring to maintain their success at the regional level. From 1959 onwards they began to focus on gospel music, regularly appearing on the weekly Songs For Salvation show and cutting several albums with the same title and BACM have compiled this selection from those albums. Appalachian style gospel at it’s best, their sound often echoing the Carter Family.

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Track listing:

- Our Babys Memory
- God Overpowered Satan
- Hell Set You Free
- God Knows My Heart
- I Care Not What The World May Say About Me
- Hell Part The Waters
- Over The Line
- I Am The Way
- Jesus Died Upon The Cross
- Little Jimmy The Crippled Child
- Family Bible
- There Must Be A Change
- Suppertime
- Im Not Afraid To Die
- Please Think It Over
- Thank God
- Show Me The Way
- Daddy Is Sleeping Up In Heaven
- Dont Wait Any Longer Dear Sinner
- Sinners Warning
- Ive Answered Gods Call
- Oh Sinner Man
- You Can Have The Whole Wide World
- Will He Hear You Cry

Price: USD $22.00           

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01 Our Baby's Memory

22 Oh Sinner Man