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CD D 580


A big thanks to Dick Heil, musician, collector and historian who years ago put together a compilation of mid ‘40s to mid ‘50s western band recordings from the Pacific North West. Correspondence over the years with British musicologist Kevin Coffey has eventually borne fruit with this BACM collection. featuring some of the biggest stars on the 40s/50s North Western scene as well as some obscure ones. Twenty of the tracks are from Heil’s original compilation and as usual we have worked hard on the remastering to remove imperfections and noise whilst preserving musical integrity. A fine celebration of the vibrant NW music scene of the era, complementing earlier BACM releases including the various Texas Jim Lewis and Jack Rivers CDs. As a footnote - the first track, Three Day Pass by Arkie Shibley has, on piano, Dean Manuel later one of Jim Reeves’ Blue Boys who died in Reeves’ 1964 plane crash. Another footnote - Track 4, Paul Tutmarc & The Wranglers features a young Bonnie Guitar as vocalist, six before her smash Dark Moon hit.

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Track listing:

- Three Day Pass : Arkie Shibley

A Smile From My Baby : Cherokee Jack

Richard Was A Cowboy : Cherokee Jack

Dont Just Stand There : Cherokee Jack

My Cherokee Waiting For Me : Cherokee Jack

You Cant Break The Chains Of Love : Heck The Singing Cowboy

Aint You Ashamed : Paul Tutmarc & The Wranglers

Whats Been Going On Since Ive Been Gone : Jim Parks & His Ramblers

Lovely Lies : Vic Martin & His Western Merrymakers

Dont Just Stand There : Slim Dossey

Mirror On The Wall : Slim Dossey

This Is The Last Time I’ll Cry Over You : Slim Dossey

The Angel Heaven Sent Me : Slim Dossey

Who Bit The End Off Of My Cigar : Leroy Thompson & His Swingtime Playboys

Autograph Book : Bill Griffith & His Jack Pine Ramblers Ramblers

Stop Look And Listen : Frank Elder

Youre Number One In My Heart : Frank Elder

Ole Weary Blues : Frank Elder

Little Coquette (Instr.) : Evergreen Drifters

Chasing After You : Roger Crandall

You And I : Roger Crandall

Yesterday Will Make You Cry : Roger Crandall

Ill Be A Bachelor Always : The Sneed Family with Roger Crandall Band

Dallas Alice : Harry Long

Only The Moonman Knows : Buck Ritchey

Silver Bell : Harry Long

Talking Blues : Buck Ritchey

When The Angels Smile Down : Tommy Kizziah

Whittaker Rag (Instr.) : Tommy Kizziah




Price: USD $22.00           

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06 You-Can't-Break-The-Chains-Of-Love (Heck-The-Singing-Cowboy)-1947

26 Silver-Bell (Harry-Long)-Late-40s