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CD D 680


Another BACM CD focusing on a particular US region or State – this one covering the niche but vibrant country music scene in and around New Orleans, mainly 1950s. All the performers are obscure but several had a loyal fan base in the area largely thanks to local R&B radio stations providing early morning country music air time as well several local club venues catering to country enthusiasts. Interesting selection of fresh-on-the ear artistes and songs.

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Track listing:

Grandpappy's Hot Rod Blues ~ Earl ‘Grandpappy’ Davis
- Mistreated Blues ~ Wayne Singleton
- You Can't Break A Broken Heart ~ Sunny Burns & Trailsmen
- My New Career Is In Korea ~ Paul Mims
- Come Back To Me ~ Sunny Burns & Trailsmen
- I Don't Mean To Be Mean To You ~ Earl ‘Grandpappy’ Davis
- I Can Sleep Again At Night ~ Burns Brothers & Trailsmen
- I Wouldn't Take A Million ~ Sunny Burns & Trailsmen
- Eight Nine Ten ~ Earl Davis
- What A Line ~ Smilin’ Eddie Varnado & Delta Ranch Hands
- My Son's Gone Away ~ Burns Brothers & Trailsmen
- Mississippi Blues ~ Ray Rogers & His Melody Cowboys
- My Life's Just A Failure Today ~ Ray Rogers & His Melody Cowboys
- I'm Paying With A Broken Heart ~ Earl Holland
- I Love You So ~ Jody Levens
- The Loneliness Behind Your Smile  ~ Dudley Bernard & The Bayou Boys
- You've Got To Walk ~ Dudley Bernard, Gene Rodrigue & The Bayou Boys
- So Close And Yet So Far Apart ~ Eugene Rodrigue & The Bayou Boys
- Why Did You Let Me Love You ~ Jack Wyatt & The Bayou Boys
- Bundle Of Blues ~ C.L. “Curly” Hare
- Whoa Boy ~ Red Smith
- Step Aside (And Let A Good Man Pass) ~ Don Ray
- I've Fallen In Love Again ~ Fred Armand
- Louisiana ~ Fay Darling
- I Love Her, Right Or Wrong ~ Red Leblanc.

Price: USD $22.00           

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