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CD D 596

MISSOURI ROUNDUP – Various Artists. BACM CD 596

Following on from earlier selections of rare recordings from other US states including Colorado (BACM CD 404), Georgia (BACM CD 548), Kentucky (BACM CD 475), Ohio (CD 465 and 570), Texas (BACM CDs 486 and 574 ) and Wisconsin (BACM CD 464) we now turn to Missouri, home to a dazzling array of country music talent. We have unearthed 26 fine recordings, mainly the 1940s and ‘50s, mostly by artistes who never made the big time but deserved to. A couple who did achieve wider fame – Wade Ray, who went onto achieve a good deal of success as an RCA artiste and Rod Morris, best known nowadays as writer of Jim Reeves’ smash hit Bimbo. Morris had been active on the Missouri country scene from 1937.

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Track listing:

- Sage Brush Ann : Roy Queen]
My Mother, The Queen Of My Heart : Roy Queen
Why Not Confess : Fiddlin’ Willie & Ozark Pals
No One Will Ever Know : Rusty Marion
My Sweethearts Confession : Rusty Marion
Three Minute Blues : Wade Ray & Ozark Champions
Your Feets Too Big : Wade Ray & Ozark Champions
Blue Love In My Heart : Billy Starr & Ozark Champions
My Trailer Home : Billy Starr & Ozark Champions
Lets Play Cowboy : Don Sullivan & Blue Ridge Boys
If Broken Hearts Were Dollar Bills : Don Sullivan & Blue Ridge Boys
Foxhole At Twilight : Slim Jackson & Valley Ranch Boys
Me, My Guitar And I : Jimmy Mansell-Slim Hayter & Sons Of The Saddle
Somebodys Heart Now Is Broken : Jimmy Mansell-Slim Hayter & Sons Of The Saddle
Saturday Night Dance : Rodney Morris & His Missourians
Free White And Twenty One : Rodney Morris & His Missourians
Oh Yes Im Lonely : Guy Blakeman & His Blue Grass Serenaders
I Aint Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll : Guy Blakeman & His Blue Grass Serenaders
Be Happy : Jimmy Dallas
(When Youre) Singing A Hillbilly Song : Jimmy Dallas
I Went To Your Wedding : The Westport Kids
The High Cost Of Living : Little Herby & Westport Kids
Greener Pastures : Don Sullivan
Keep A Goin : Don Sullivan
Saviour Hand : Stella Della Coonts
Keep On Walkin : Stella Della Coonts

Price: USD $22.00           

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02 My-Mother-The-Queen-Of-My-Heart (Roy Queen)

15 Saturday-Night-Dance (Rod Morris & His Missourians)