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CD D 272

MILO TWINS Swamp Woman Blues. B.A.C.M. 272

Identical twins Edwin and Edward with 32 close harmony songs from the 1930s/40s, much in the style of the Delmore Brothers.

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Track listing:

- Coo See Coo
- Pretty Mama Boogie
- Down Town Boogie
- Brushy Mountain
- Swamp Woman Blues
- Love In An Aeroplane
- Frail Quail
- Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
- Baby Buggy Boogie
- Truck Drivers Boogie
- Johnson To Jones
- She’s A Shady Lady
- Im Through With You
- Homesick For Home
- Pretty Little Miss
- A Soldiers Last Letter
- Ive Got The Ramblin Blues
- When The World Has Turned You Down
- I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye
- Blow Freight Train, Blow
- Take Me Back And Try Me One More Time
- Blue Eyed Elaine
- Yesterdays Tears
- This Town
- Weary Lonesome Blues
- Im Worried Now
- Quit Treatin Me Mean
- Singing My Troubles Away
- Blow Your Whistle Freight Train
- Its Sinful To Flirt
- The Fugitives Lament
- Aint It Hard

Price: USD $22.00           

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31-The-fugitives-lament (Houston,1939)