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CD D 468

MILLER BROTHERS – Vol. 1 Ramblin’ Round. CD 468

First of two planned compilations from the Miller Brothers Band from North Texas, who achieved massive popularity through their late 1940s broadcasts on Station KFDX. Mainly upbeat foot-tappers. Includes a superb rendition of old-timey fiddle classic The Wednesday Night Waltz ...

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Track listing:

- Shadows On My Memories
- Wednesday Night Waltz (Instr.)
- My Baby Girl
- Shanty Town
- Marcheta
- You’ll Regret Someday
- Miller’s Boogie (Instr.)
- Ida Red
- Bluest Blues
- Beer Barrel Polka (Instr.)
- Schottische (Instr.)
- Waggoner (Instr.)
- Rose Of Tijuana
- Nursery Rhyme Blues
-   Today, Tomorrow And From Now On
- Thats How Long Ill Love You
- Alligator Rag (Instr.)
-  Fiddlin Stomp (Instr.)
- Geronimo
- As You Were Standing By My Side
- Trailways Blues
- Express  Polka (Instr.)
- Broken Hearted Girl
- Tulsa Baby
- Denver Hop (Instr.)
- Happy Birthday, Dear  Jesus
- Rudolph Junior
- New Potato Stomp (Instr.)
- Ill At Ease
- Ramblin Round (Instr.)

Price: USD $22.00           

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02-Wednesday-Night-Waltz (Instr.)

15 Today, tomorrow and from now on