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CD D 379

MEL TILLIS Honky Tonk Song. B.A.C.M. 379

Man with a stutter which did not come across in his singing - he started as a songwriter for others ("I ain't never" and smash hit "Detroit City"). He had several hits himself, some included on this 30 track 50s/60s collection.

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Track listing:

- I Aint Never
- Ten Thousand Drums
- No Love Have I
- Im Tired
- Tupelo County Jail
- Heart Over Mind
- Mary Dont You Weep
- Holiday For Love
- A Thousand Miles Ago
- Emotions
- Shanghied
- It Takes A Worried Man
- Honky Tonk Song
- A Case Of Blues
- Its My Life
- Juke Box Man
- Teenage Wedding
- Lonely Street
- The Violet And The Rose
- No Song To Sing
- Finally
- Brooklyn Bridge
- If Youll Be My Love
- Loco Weed
- Walk On Boy
- Hearts of Stone
- If I Lost Your Love
- You Are The Reason
- Georgia Town Blues
- Till I Get Enough Of The Blues

Price: USD $22.00           

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01 I-ain't-never-1962