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CD D 570

LUCKY LABEL – Various Artists – BACM CD 570

Of the many independent labels based in Cincinnati Ohio during the late 1950s and 1960s, the short-lived Lucky Label has been sought out by collectors for a long time. BACM have selected these 26 tracks, nice mix of styles, country, bluegrass and a few crossover-rockabilly, all obscure artistes although some also recorded on major labels like Joe “Cannonball” Lewis who recorded several tracks for MGM in the early 1950s.

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Track listing:

- Ill Pay You Back : Bill Zekie Browning

Breaking Hearts : Bill Zekie Browning & Don Boone

Rock Old Sputnik : Nelson Young

Im Falling In Love : Nelson Young

Jealous Dreams : Bobby Grove

Be Still, My Heart : Bobby Grove

Today Is Tomorrow : Jay Cee Lewis (Joe Cannonball Lewis)

Waltz Of The Ozarks : Jay Cee Lewis (Joe Cannonball Lewis)

Bad Case Of The Blues : “Zekie” Browning

What Else Could You Do : “Zekie” Browning

Missed The Workhouse : Bill Watkins

Time Will Make You Pay : Bill Watkins

Is She Sore : Orangie Hubbard

Look What I Found : Orangie Hubbard

Blue Waltz : Dwight Hill

Cryin : Dwight Hill

Angel : Billy Martin

If Its Lovin That You Want : Billy Martin

A Gamblers Life : Mac White (The Singing Switchman)

One Heart (Has Been Broken In two) : Mac White (The Singing Switchman)

The Dream : Rudy Thacker & The Stringbusters v. Larry Dale

Black Train : Rudy Thacker & The Stringbusters v. Larry Dale

When Youre Gone : “Pal” Brady

Love (Is Just That Way) : “Pal” Brady

Creepin And Crawlin (Instr.) : “Zekie” Browning & The Dynamics

Spinning Wheel Rock (Instr.) : “Zekie” Browning & The Dynamics

Price: USD $22.00           

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02-Breaking-Hearts (Bill Zekie Browning)

23 When You're Gone (Palford "Pal" Bradie)