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CD D 359

KERAY REGAN & The Peace River Rangers. B.A.C.M. 359

Another fine entry from Canada. Singer/songwriter Keray performing many of his songs and featuring The Petrie Sisters, ace guitarist Bog Regan and one track with then wife the lovely voiced Lucille Starr.

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Track listing:

- If The Moon Would Shine
- Those Beautiful Big Brown Eyes
- I Cant Wait Forever For You
- High Wind On The Prairie
- Youll Never Miss Your Daddy
- Theres A Room Reserved In My Heart
- My Home By The Fraser
- Cobwebs On Your Picture
- I Wanna Be With You
- Lena Was A Shy Girl
- Picking Flowers
- How Are You Feeling Right Now
- Olga From Norway
- Flying Saucers
- I Dont Care If You Go A Little Further
- She Dont Trust Me Anymore
- Pioneer Girls
- My Peace River Home
- Whispering Pines
- I Will Never Hold Another
- When You Cant Have The One You Want
- Teen-Age Boogie
- Hey! Cousin
- My Dream & I
- Little White House On The Hill

Price: USD $22.00           

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24-My-dream-and-I-Little-white-house-on-the-hill-(Keray-Regan & Vic-Siebert)