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CD D 475

Kentucky Round-up. Various Artists. BACM 475.

Nice selection of rare recordings from the Bluegrass State, mostly obscure artistes who left their mark on Kentucky-based music but never made the big time. Four tracks by legendary picker Merle Travis …

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Track listing:

- Clock On The Mantle : Don Epperson & His Kentuckians

Greenlight In My Heart : Don Epperson & His Kentuckians

I Want You : Gene Stewart

Empty Seat In A Bar Room Booth : Gene Stewart

Someday Youll Know : Gene Stewart

Tag Waltz : Gene Stewart

Loves Commandments : Bob Rourk

Have A Little Talk With Your Heart : Bob Rourk

The Road To Your Heart : Bob Rourk

The Story Of Jimmy Osborne : Bob Rourk

All The Answers : Ginger Callahan

Notice Me : Ginger Callahan

Ogee, Ome Omy : Ginger Callahan

Tooten, Tellum : Ginger Callahan

Alimony : Big Bill Johnson

In And Out Of Love : Ginger Callahan

A Sinful Soul : Ginger Callahan

I Long To Hear Hank Sing The Blues : Jimmy Murphy

Here Kitty Kitty : Jimmy Murphy

Hog Pen Hop : Cliff Gross & His Texans

Darbys Ram : Merle Travis

Cane Break Blues : Merle Travis

Jordan Am A Hard Road To Travel : Merle Travis

Everly Rag : Merle Travis

Wildwood Flower : Asher Sizemore

A Little Fella Like Me : Kentucky Boys (Turner Brothers)

Dont Fetch (Ketch) It : Kentucky Boys (Turner Brothers)


Price: GBP £13.00           

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01-Clock-On-The-Mantle (Don-Epperson & His-Kentuckians)

27-Don't-fetch-it-ketch-it (the Kentucky Boys aka The Turner Brothers)