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CD D 617

KENNY ROBERTS – King Of The Yodelers. BACM CD 617

28 recordings by legendary yodeler Kenny Roberts, joined on a couple of tracks by his mentor Elton Britt. He joined the Down Homers in the early 1940s and when called up for National Service was a replaced by a young Bill Haley, helping him develop his (Haley's) own not-inconsiderable yodelling skills (kept well hidden when he went on to Rock & Roll fame a decade later!). This compilation showcases the many facet's of Kenny's music - country ballads, honky-tonk weepers, novelty songs and a couple of gospel numbers; many feature either his falsetto or full blown yodel. As pointed out in Paul Hazell's liner notes, Kenny Roberts deserved far more recognition than he actually received, especially in the later stages of his career. We are glad to now make amends - astonishingly this is his first ever UK album release! Several of Kenny's recordings were featured on BACM's two Down Homers albums, CDs 92 and 381.

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Track listing:

- Im Looking For The Bully Of The Town
- Broken Teenage Heart
- Sing Me A Hurtin Song
- Cheer Up
- Hush Puppies
- Tennessee Spelling Bee
- Im Unwanted
- Our Lady Of Fatima
- Mother Dear O Pray For Me
- Boogie Woogie Yodel Song
- Theres A Bluebird On Your Window Sill
- When Id Yoo Hoo In The Valley
- If You Got The Money
- Just Yodel For Me
- Good Ole Mountain Dew
- Slide Them Jugs Down The Mountain
- Cry Baby Blues
- She Said
- Sissy Song
- Goodbye For Him
- Two Steps Forward Three Steps Back
- Dear John
- Wedding Bells
- Ding Dong Bells
- Out Where The West Winds Blow
- Whos Gonna Kiss You When Im Gone
- Alpine Milkman
- Cannonball Yodel

Price: USD $22.00           

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03-Sing-Me-A-Hurtin-Song (1962)

23 Wedding-Bells (1949)