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CD D 59

JOHNNY HICKS Gotta Gitta Gittar. B.A.C.M. 59

You'll find a mix of gospel, country weepers, Western-swing and boogies on this melange of early 1950s songs. Hicks began as a disc jockey and singer on several Texas radio stations and reportedly it was working with Ernest Tubb which converted him to country music. Through his career he also worked with the Callahan Brothers , Jim Boyd, Jimmy Heap and Adolph Hofner. Wrote many of his songs including the weepie tale about a blind man, "Man On The Corner", featured here.

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Track listing:

- Ho De Ree Dee Ah
- All My Life My Love Goes With You
- A Good Man Is Hard To Find
- Rainy Night Blues
- So Long Its Been Good To Know Yuh
- Crossroads
- Get Your Kicks From The Country Hicks
- Sweethearts Waltz
- Gotta Gitta Gittar
- Man On The Corner
- My Next Gal
- Take My Hand
- No Wild Side Of Life
- I Cant Get Enough Of That Ah Ha
- Curb Service
- Hamburger Hop
- Heart After Heart
- Mended One Broken Heart
- I Thought I Was Home To Stay
- Pick-up Blues
- Too Late To
- I Swear

Price: USD $22.00           

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