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CD D 543

JOE WERNER Early Cajun Artist.  BACM CD 543

Joe Werner is nowadays largely forgotten but was a talented musician who made some superb music in the 1930s - Joe singing, playing guitar and harmonica - and adding his haunting whistling on several tracks, whilst backed with some of the top Cajun musicians of the era. Our compilation covers the period 1937-38; the music is more ‘Hillbilly with Cajun musicians’ rather than strictly ‘Cajun’– familiar songs and tunes, some sung in English, some French and includes a fine version of Wondering, a song which later became a big hit for Webb Pierce. Refreshing to hear familiar hillbilly classics like Twenty One Years and They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree sung in French!

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Le Vieux Arbe De Pin (They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree)
- Vingt Et Un Ans (Twenty One Years)
- Wishing
- Answer To Wondering
- Valley Rose
- Me And My Pal Of New Orleans
- Just Thinking
- Memory Of Mother
- She‘s A Leather Neck Gal
- Under The Spell Of Your Love
- Poor Boy Bb-B 7691
- Un Lettre A Ma Belle
- My Girl Polly
- Under The Old China Tree
- My Lover In Dreams
- Rang Tang Bully
- Dreaming
- Les Poules Paus Pas (Chickens Don’t Lay)
- La Valse A N’oncle Knute (Uncle Knute’s Waltz)
- Si Tu Voudroit Marriez Avec Moi (Marry Me)
- Two Step A  Chachin (Asa’s Two-step)
- La One Step A Moujeane
- Je Suis Seul Encore (I’m Alone Again)
- Stay In Your Own Backyard
- Wondering



Price: USD $22.00           

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02-Vingt-Et-Un-Ans-Twenty-One-Years (1937)

24-Stay-In-Your-Own-Backyard (1937)