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CD D 637

JIMMIE RODGERS SNOW – Treasures Untold. BACM CD 637

Son of Canadian legend Hank Snow, Jimmie Rodgers Snow began his recording career in 1950 on the 4-Star label before joining RCA in 1953. At the time, his dad was RCA’s biggest selling artist and this remained the case up until Elvis Presley arriving on the scene in the mid 1950s. Jimmie hung out with Elvis for a while before the latter’s meteoric rise to fame and Elvis’ recording Love Me was styled on Jimmie’s 1954 version of the song, featured in this collection. Here are most of Jimmie’s Country singles on RCA and as a bonus, a number of his earliest recordings, early 1950s on the 4 Star Label, recorded as “Jimmie Snow”. Several of the early recordings feature his dad’s distinctive guitar runs – a treat for Hank Snow fans. For me, the outstanding track is the two Snows duetting on When Jimmie Rodgers Said Goodbye, sublime!

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Track listing:

- I Cant Spell
- Love Me
- How Do You Think I Feel
- If You Dont Love Me Why Dont You Let Me Go
- Flame Of Love
- Someone Elses Heartache
- Rules Of Love
- You Fool You
- Meanest Thing In The World Is The Blues
- Bee-Line
- Go Back You Fool
- I Care No More
- When Jimmie Rodgers Said Goodbye
- Treasures Untold
- All I Have To Do Is Dream
- Milk Cow Blues
- My Fallen Star
- Well Whatdya Know
- You Still Belong To Me
- Why Should I Be Alone
- No More Wedding Bells For Me
- Southern Boogie
- I Just Dont Like This Kind Of Livin
- Rocky Mountain Boogie
- Tears In A Broken Heart
- Answer To Blue Eyes
- It Wont Do No Good.

Price: USD $22.00           

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02 Love-Me (January 1955)

26 Answer-To-Blue-Eyes