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CD D 100


24 recordings of pre-war Western Swing from one of the premier, most popular bands in the genre. Here with recordings from 1936-40.

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Track listing:

- A Bundle Of Old Southern Sunshine
- Come Up And See Me Some Day
- Dont Waste Your Tears Over Me, Little Girl
- Ill Take Her Back
- Im Waitin Mabel
- Its All So Sweet
- Under The Moon
- My Ozark Mountain Home
- Smiles
- Theres A Picture In My Heart
- Gee! But Its Great Walking Back Home
- Just A Good Time Gal
- Youre As Pretty As A Picture
- Playboys Breakdown (Instr.)
- Theres A Picture In My Heart
- Am I Blue
- Youre Mean To Me
- Tulsa Waltz (Instr.)
- Naughty Naughty
- Fox And The Hounds (Instr.)
- Let Me Live And Love You
- Old Waterfall
- Cats Are Bad Luck
- Hill Billy Swing

Price: GBP £13.00           

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02-Come-up-and-see-me-some-day (1937)

19-Naughty-Naughty (1936)