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CD D 408


Rare tracks from this Chicago based label, late 1940s and early 1950s.

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Track listing:

- S-U-G-A-R (My Babys Like Sugar To Me) : Eddy Wayne
Stop Crying On My Shoulder : Denver Bill Clark
After We Said Goodbye : Jack & The Drifters
I Hope I Never Wake Up : The Saddle Mates
I Send Back Your Letters : Sheriff Tom Owen’s Cowboys
This Is Where I Came In : Marty Roberts
Nine Times Out Of Ten : Blaine Smith
The Trouble With Me Is You : Sheriff Tom Owen’s Cowboys
I Would Care : The Saddle Mates
There Stands The Glass : Blaine Smith
Please Dont Be Anothers Darling : Denver Bill Clark
Rubber City Boogie (Instr.) : Jack & The Drifters
Last Night Your Kisses Told Me : Jack Sutton & The Drifters
Theyre Digging My Grave : Blaine Smith
Puppet Heart : Johnny Bernat
Keepin My Arms Full Of You : Johnny Bernat
Little Bundle Of Sunshine : Murl Alexander & The Texas Wranglers
Big Blue Eyes (And Little White Lies) : Blaine Smith
Down In The Carolines : Jack Sutton & The Drifters
Crossroads Of Tomorrow : Walt Dalton
A Good Deal : Eddy Wayne
A Message From The Moon : Blaine Smith
My Last Battle : Marty Roberts
Old Jalopy Bounce : Walt Dalton

Price: USD $22.00           

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03-After-we-said-goodbye (Jack & The-Drifters)

21-A-good-deal (Eddy-Wayne)