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CD D 601

FREDDIE HART – The Whole World Holding Hands. BACM CD 601

A collection of smooth ‘50s Country’ recordings from Old Smoothie himself, Freddie Hart, with a collection of his songs from the early 50s. A one time Hank Williams roadie, Hart became a prolific hit maker through the '60s and '70s with nine US County top 10s including three Number 1s - and was also a prolific and successful songwriter providing hits for the likes of Patsy Cline, Left Frizzell, George Jones and Porter Wagoner. This CD, which features recordings from his early career before achieving mainstream fame and will be enjoyed by fans of smooth early 50’s country. One of country’s most distinctive, immediately recognized voices, 29 recordings half of them Hart compositions.

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Track listing:

- My Heart Is A Playground
- Secret Kisses
- The Whole World Holding Hands
- Without You
- Curtain Never Falls
- One More Mountain To Climb
- Just Another Girl
- Fingerprints
- I Cant Keep My Hands Off 0f You (sic)
- It Just Dont Seem Like Home When Youre Gone
- Im Going Out On The Front Porch And Cry
- Miss Lonely Heart
- Oh Heart Let Her Go
- Canada To Tennessee
- No Thanks To You
- Thats What You Gave To Me
- Human Thing To Do
- Fraulein
- Outside World
- You Are My World
- Love Come To Me
- Davy Jones
- My Kind Of Love
- Rock Bottom
- Starvation Days
- What A Laugh
- Like You Are
- Ugly Duckling
- Stand Up


Price: GBP £13.00           

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