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CD D 424


A slice of country music history, early recordings from this accomplished fiddler and singer, an early sidekick to Uncle Dave Macon and who continued playing the Grand Ole Opry through to the early '60s. Nice collection of songs, many later becoming huge sellers for other artists.

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Track listing:

- The Bully Of The Town
- Take Me Back To My Old Carolina Home
- Hell Find No Girl Like Me
- It Looks To Me Like A Big Time Tonight
- Sweet Bird
- Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
- It Wont Be Long Now
- New River Train
- The Land Where We Never Grow Old
- Red River Valley
- Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
- John Henry
- Mocking Bird Breakdown
- My Little Home In Tennessee
- Kitty Wells
- Chin Music
- Dont Reckon Itll Happen Again
- Many Times With You Ive Wandered
- Old Joe
- A Picture From Lifes Other Side
- Bits Of Blues
- I Love The Hills Of Tennessee

Price: USD $22.00           

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01-Take-Me-Back-To-My-Old-Carolina-Home (1928)

21-Bits-Of-Blues (Train Whistle Blues etc)(1927)