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CD D 394

FEDERAL LABEL Classic Country Music. B.A.C.M. 394

Interesting mix of tracks issued on the Federal Label from various artists including four by Bill Carlisle (some of his early recordings are on BACM 34) and four by Tennessee's champion hoe-down fiddler Tommy Magness.

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Track listing:

- Jimmie Dale - Nobodys Lonesome For Me
- Im Goin Away For Good
- Moaning The Blues
- If I Could Change My Heart

Fiddlin’ Red Herron -Devils Dream (Instr.)

Cowboy Jack Derrick:  Cant It Be You
- Daddys Little Blue Eyed Boy
- Youve Had Your Way
- Blue Memory

Fiddlin’ Red Herron -Fifty Years Ago (Instr.)

Cope Brothers: Gathering Buds
- Ill Have A New Life
- The Old Country Church
- Dont You Cry Over Me

Fiddlin’ Red Herron: Back Up And Push (Instr.)

Bill Carlisle: My Weary Heart Cries
- Where Theres A Will, Theres A Way
- A Dollar Aint A Dollar Anymore
- Lost On A Sea Of Sorrow
- A Rainbow Follows Rain

Fiddlin’ Red Herron: Cripple Creek (Instr.)

Tommy Magness & His Tennessee Buddies: When I Safely Reach That Other Shore
- Little Country Preacher
- Wings Of Faith
- Jesus Will Save Your Soul .

Eddie Martin Serenaders - In An Old Hawaiin Garden (v.Jimmie Haulani)
- Moonrise Over Pali

Fiddlin’ Red Herron - Cindy

Price: USD $22.00           

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01 Nobody's-lonesome-for-me (Jimmie-Dale)

24 Wings-of-faith (Tommy-Magness-with-Red-Smiley-guitar-Don-Reno-Banjo)