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CD D 152

ERNEST MARTIN And His Gospel Melody Makers. B.A.C.M. 152

27 gospel songs done in bluegrass style from this authentic pentecostal preacher - all but three of this selection were his own compositions. Nowadays forgotten other than by a few bluegrass collectors he was a prolific songwriter who learned guitar, banjo and harmonica at an early age, had his own radio show (as "Kid Martin") at 20 and for a time played on radio with Bill & Cliff Carlisle - then turned from hard drinker to preacher.

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Track listing:

- Sugar Coated Religion
- Revelations 1: 18
- The Valley Of Death
- River Of Time
- Rose Among The Thorns
- Ill Be Shouting Over On The Other Side
- White Winged Angel
- Who Was That Man
- They Were Leading My Lord From The Garden Of Prayer
- Heaven Bound Excursion
- Swing Wide The Golden Gates (unknown)
- The Little Graveyard (Mamie Petrey)
- When The Flowers Of God Shall Bloom
- Faded Flowers
- My Vine Covered Cabin On The Hill
- Scarlet Cord
- The Golden Rule
- Heavens Highway 66
- My Long Journey Home
- Let It Shine On Me (Traditional)
- Gabriel Blow Your Silver Trumpet
- White Dove Of Peace
- The Golden Crown
- I Want To Live Humble
- Lets Be Friends
- When The Wrath Of God Comes Down
- Shine On

Price: USD $22.00           

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01 Sugar-Coated-Religion

25 Let's-Be-Friends