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CD D 521

EDDIE SHULER & His All Star Revellers – Grand Mamou. BACM 521.

Eddie Shuler was founder of Goldband Records, a label which first brought us Dolly Parton (at age 14!) and, over the decades, everything from traditional cajun, blues legends, pop hits and R&B to zydeco. But Goldband began as a vanity label to showcase Shuler’s own recordings from the mid ‘40s onwards. Here are 24 of these cuts, most with Shuler on guitar and vocals but backed by some of the top musicians of the era. Mix of (mainly) upbeat Western Swing and Cajun styles and it includes Shuler’s regional hit Ace Of Love, co-written with his long time band member, steel guitarist Pee Wee Lyons.

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Track listing:

- Way Down Under Blues
- Im Mighty Afraid You Are Wrong
- Which Star Above Is You
- Only One Sweetheart For Me
- Grande Mamou
- Your Heart Can Never Be True (1)
- La Valse De Meche (The Marsh Waltz)
- Pipe Line Blues
- Burning Love
- Hey Cushmall
- Faded Love Waltz
- Friends Gather
- My Jolie
- I Never Wanted A Sweetheart
- Your Heart Can Never Be True (2)
- Ace Of Love
- Hiding My Tears In The Rain
- Right Next Door To Texas
- Do You Think Of Me
- The Couple In The Car (Next To Mine)
- Ill Be All Smiles Tonight
- Broken Love
- Help Us Oh Lord
- Jai Passe Devant Ta Porte (The For Me, For Me Song)

Price: USD $22.00           

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03 Which-Star-Is-Above-You?

24 J'ai-Passé-Devant-Ta-Porte