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CD D 634

EDDIE HAZELWOOD – I’ll Pay You No Never Mind. BACM CD 634

Eddie Hazelwood was a fine singer and talented songwriter who undeservedly never made the big time outside Southern California. This long overdue collection features most of his recordings, some with top session musicians including Merle Travis on electric guitar and Tex Atchinson on fiddle – also tracks from his last sessions include a young Joe Maphis on lead guitar. One curiosity is Hazlewood’s 1953 cover of Big Mama Thornton’s Hound Dog hit, featuring both Merle Travis and Joe Maphis on guitar - a full three years before Elvis recorded his mis-remembered lyrics version.

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Track listing:

- Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away
- I Cant Change My Heart
- Texarkana Baby
- Indiana Waltz
- I Love You Little Darlin, Yes I Do
- Back In Texas
- A Package Of Lies Tied In Blue
- Way Way Down In San Antone
- Come A Little Closer Please
- Truck Drivin‘ Woman
- I‘ll Pay You No Never Mind
- Dont Baby Your Baby Too Long
- I Won’t Take Orders From You
- Ive Got A Bad Case Of The Blues
- Youve Got A Green Light
- Ive Locked And Bolted The Door Of My Heart
- A Rag, A Bone, A Hank Of Hair
- Dirty Linen
- Holdin My Baby Tight
- Everybodys Got A Right To Change Their Mind
- There‘s No Two Ways About It (I’m In Love)
- I Gotta Lose My Blues
- Last Minute Shopping
- You And Yesterday
- I’m Startin‘ Sweetheartin‘ Again
- Hound Dog
- Texas Oil Man

Price: USD $22.00           

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02 I-Cant-Change-My-Heart (1947)