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CD D 397

ED CAMP & Associates. B.A.C.M. 397

28 rare tracks here, many in the Hank Williams mold, some from Ed Camp, others from Artists who shared the same label as Camp. Talented but nowadays sadly much forgotten Camp was an accomplished fiddler and guitarist who played on the same bill as Hank Williams in the weeks and days before Hank's untimely death. (In 1955, Camp was on the same bill as a young and already on the rise to fame, Elvis Presley).

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Track listing:

- Ed Camp: You Bet Your Bottom Dollar That Shes Mine
- Youve Gotta Cry
- Im Such A Fool About You
- One More Tomorrow
- I Never Dreamed
- Hillbilly Dumpling
- Counterfeit Love
- No Regrets
- Alone Tonight
- Tie A String Around Your Finger
- Magnolia Waltz
- Im Tired Of Love
- Oooh, How I Love You
- If I Catch You Flirtin With My Baby
- The Wedding Is Starting
- What A Fool I Was To Cry Over You
- Sure Of Your Heart
- Im Gonna Put The Wammy On You

Buddy Attaway:  Why Should I
- Why Did I Leave Cloutchville
- Doubtful Heart
- Rock-Away-Baby On The Bayou

Little Pal Hardy: All My Life
- Red Lips And Poker Chips

David Craig: Checker Game
- Replace My Heart

Eddie Dale: Okefenokee
- How Much Can A Heart Take

Price: GBP £13.00           

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01-Bet-your-bottom-dollar-she's-mine (Ed-Camp)

28-How-much-can-a-heart-take? (Eddie-Dale)