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CD D 607

DOLPH HEWITT – Waltzing My Blues Away. CD 607

As we dig through the archives we are sometimes amazed to come across an awesome talent which somehow has been lost to history. One such is Dolph Hewitt who achieved some radio popularity in the 30s on the Wheeling Jamboree before wartime service in the marines. Post war he came to the National Barn Dance giving him nationwide exposure initially as a member of the Sage Riders, a western styled band, later solo. Recording contracts followed and he scored several minor hits first with RCA then with various independent labels. Our CD showcases 27 of his fine recordings, nice mix of songs and styles but mainly smooth crooner country somewhat in the Eddy Arnold style.

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Track listing:

- Autumn Love
- Blue Tennessee Rain
- Censored Mail
- Door To Your Love
- Empty Promises
- End Of The Rainbow
- Ask My Heart
- Broken Promises
- Look Into Your Heart
- For Evry Kiss
- I Hurt Inside
- I Wish I Knew
- I Would Send You Roses (But They Cost Too Much)
- Im A Stranger More And More
- Im Mad About You
- Teeter Totter Love
- Last Night Was The End Of My World
- Oaklahoma Hills
- Rainbow Valley
- When A Dream Is Broken In Two
- Sallys Gone To Santa Fe
- Just Give Me Half A Chance
- Youre The Keeper Of My Heart
- The Mocking Bird (Instr.)
- Waltzing My Blues Away
- Theres Somebody Else On Your Mind
- You Gave Me Back My Ring (Please Give Me Back My Heart)

Price: GBP £13.00           

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01 Autumn-Love

25 Waltzing-My-Blues-Away