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CD D 385

CUSTOM MADE HILLBILLY Vol. 1 (Custom Starday Label). B.A.C.M. 385

This CD looks at material issued on the Starday Custom series and features a variety of lesser known performers, recorded between 1954 and 1956.

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Track listing:

- Streamliner Boogie : Jimmie O’Neal & Oklahoma Hillbillies
Patent On My Gal : Cotton Henry & Oklahoma Hillbillies
Substitute For Love : Jack Hammons
When You Stuck Your Tongue Out At Me : Buddy Livingston & His All Girl Band
Wildcat Boogie : Musical-Aires
My Baby Is Gone : Clyde Beavers
Ive Got A Feeling : Roy Fisher & Rhythm Riders
Ive Done More Accidentally : Tommy Castle
Little Romeo : Roy Robinson
Im Different : Frank Evans & Western Hayriders
Cooing To The Wrong Pigeon : Jack Morris
Listen To Me Baby : Harold Smith with Slim Gleeson & Trailriders & Danny Clark
I Cant Go Back : Don Redfield & Sagedusters
Playing The Game : Curley Money & Rolling Ramblers
Goin Crazy : Luke Gordon acc. C. Smith & Tenn. Haymakers
Cold Hands, Warm Heart : Marty Licklider
Babys Gone : Luke Gordon
Wasted : Oklahoma Melody Boys
Slippin Out, Stealing In : King Sterling
Im Just Feeling Sorry For Myself : Tex Dixon
What Is It (That Im Too Young To Know) [sic] : Frank Evans & His Top Notchers
Were In Love : Carl Tanner & Ineva Buckins & Southern Pine Boys
Be My Baby, Baby Doll : “Cousin” Arnold & His Country Cousins
Crying My Heart Out : Jack Frost & His Band
No One But You : Jimmy & Dorothy Blakley
Standing In Line (For Your Love) : Jimmy Blakley
Honey Dew : And Doll - 6 Men & 16 Instruments
Fishin Fever : Joe Brown with Black Mountain Boys & Santones
My Babys Gone : Roland (R. A.) Faulk

Price: USD $22.00           

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02-Patent-on-my-gal (Cotton-Henry & The-Oklahoma-Hillbillies)

27-Honey-Dew (Doll & Doll)

CDs by Various-Starday Custom Label

CD D 583


Some real gems here despite the obscure names; the only act which achieved some broader fame was the Cackle Sisters (named for their amazing impersonations of animal sounds as well as their yodelling), also known as the De Zurick Sisters). But the voices, arrangements and songs are all good, authentic ‘50s-style country’ - This CD will be enjoyed by folks who like the authentic sounds of 1950s/early ‘60s country and who like hearing songs and artists they’ve not heard before.

More details            Price: USD $22.00           

CD D 534

CUSTOM MADE HILLBILLY Vol. 9 (Custom Starday Label). BACM CD 534

Another compilation of obscure tracks, mainly from the Dixie label (a sub-label of Starday Records) which specialised in EP’s featuring sound-alike covers of established country and rockabilly artistes. Adds up to a superb hour of good listening across a variety of genres - bluegrass, ballads, rockabilly, country weepers and even some first class yodelling. Many thanks legendary collector Phil J. Tricker for providing us with quality tracks from his collection.

More details            Price: USD $22.00           

CD D 494

CUSTOM MADE HILLBILLY Vol. 8 (Custom Starday Label). BACM CD 494

Another set of Starday Custom releases, obscure artistes, bringing us into the early ‘60s with a mix of country and rockabilly.

More details            Price: USD $22.00           

CD D 492


Another volume of hillbilly gospel recordings on the Starday “Custom” label, this time from 1959 to 1962. Many of them from obscure acts with self-penned songs; will be enjoyed by fans of Bluegrass.

More details            Price: USD $22.00           

CD D 448

CUSTOM MADE HILLBILLY Vol. 6 (Custom Starday Label). – B.A.C.M. 448

Yet another assortment of solid country tracks from this great series, recordings from the Starday Custom label, mix of lesser known and big stars. As always we have taken care to arrange a nice balanced programme, perfect for sitting back and enjoying an hour of good, real Country!

More details            Price: USD $22.00           

CD D 426

CUSTOM MADE HILLBILLY Vol. 5 (Custom Starday Label). B.A.C.M. 426

Our fifth Starday Custom collection, this time recordings from around 1958 mainly with a Rockabilly flavour.

More details            Price: USD $22.00           

CD D 410

CUSTOM MADE HILLBILLY Vol. 4 (Custom Starday Label). B.A.C.M. 410

Another volume of obscure Starday custom pressings, this time from mid 1956 to mid 1958. Includes the rare Willie Nelson No place for me, recorded in 1957, long before he became a country legend.

More details            Price: USD $22.00           

CD D 402

CUSTOM GOSPEL Vol 1. Various Artists. BACM CD 402

30 excellent Gospel tracks, 1954-60, mainly in Bluegrass style plus some Hillbilly and Country, all issued on the Starday Custom label.

More details            Price: USD $22.00           

CD D 390

CUSTOM MADE HILLBILLY Vol. 2 (Custom Starday Label). . B.A.C.M. 390

The second volume of recordings from the Starday Custom label; carries on to 1957 with a variety of styles from 21 lesser known artists; some provide a stark reminder that having great talent is no guarantee of fame and success!

More details            Price: USD $22.00           

CD D 395

CUSTOM MADE HILLBILLY Vol. 3 (Custom Starday Label). B.A.C.M. 395

31 more Starday Custom pressings, this time from 1957/58, mix of Hillbilly and Rockabilly.

More details            Price: USD $22.00