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CD D 23

CROCKETT’S KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEERS Classic Old Time String Band Music. B.A.C.M. 23

19 tracks from 1930 to 37 by, as the title says, "Classic old time string band music" from this six piece group.

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Track listing:

- Cripple Creek
- After The Ball
- Bile Them Cabbage Down
- Convicts Lament
- Little Rabbit (intro. Rabbit Wheres Your Mammy)
- Fresno Blues
- Gambling Man
- Grannys Old Arm Chair
- Medley Of Old Time Dance Tunes Pt. 1 (intro. Chicken Reel, Buck Creek Girls, Wild Horse, Soldiers Joy, Arkansas Traveller)
- Hard Cider Songs
- Medley Of Old Time Dance Tunes Pt. 2 (intro. Sourwood Mountain, Sally In The Garden, Sally Gooden)
- I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago
- In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
- Rosalee
- My Blue Eyed Girl And I
- Sugar Hill
- Skip To My Lou
- The Lightning Express
- Buffalo Gals Medley (intro. Seneca Square Dance aka Waiting For The Federals)

Price: USD $22.00           

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02-After-The-Ball (1929)

18 The Lightning Express