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CD D 231

COUNTRY MUSIC ON MGM Various Artists. B.A.C.M. 231

27 tracks from MGM’s strong line up of country talent back in the 1950s. Some rare items of historical interest including early cuts by Don Gibson and Floyd Cramer.

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Track listing:

- Sparkling Brown Eyes : Jerry & Sky
Cotton : Hank Hornsby
Rock City Boogie : Little Rita Faye
Call Of The Faraway Hills (From The Film Shane) : Ken Curtis
Pepper Pickin : Bud & Betty Bryant
Blues Wont Ever Leave Me : Al Rogers
Blues Moved In This Morning : George McCormick
Im On The Right Road Now : Cecil Campbell
Midnight Line : Bob Riley
Wrong Side Of The Road : Ted West
Throwing My Life Away : Jimmie Williams
Good Time Cake Walk : Floyd Cramer
Indian Rock : Randy Atcher
Song Of The Bandit : Jack Valentine
Billy The Kid : Dickson Hall
Youll Live To Regret It : Sam Nichols
Hey Mr Mailman : Billy Jack Wills
Ah Ha : Don Gibson
Look What Followed Me Home Tonight : Jimmie Walker
Mud Hut : Drifting Cowboys
Okey Dokey : Red Sovine
Frost On My Roof : Jimmy Swan
No More Blues From You : Tom Anderson
Hot To Trot : Andrews Brothers
Overweight Blues : Bood & Fileece Bryant [sic]
Ill Sure Come A Runnin : Charlie Carson
A Penny Post Card : Slim Carter

Price: USD $22.00           

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Sparkling-Brown-Eyes by Jerry & Sky (Gerald “Jerry” Howorth & Schuyler “Sky” Snow)

A-penny-postcard (Slim-Carter)