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CD D 686

COLE WILSON & The Tumbleweeds with Nola Hewitt. BACM CD 686

Country music achieved popularity in New Zealand in the 1930s with the recordings of Jimmie Rodgers, Harry Torrani and Wilf Carter inspiring a generation of home grown talent including the legendary Tex Morton. A generation later two families steeped in the music of that earlier era emerged, the brothers Cole and Les Wilson and the Hewitt Sisters, Nola and Myra. Les Wilson went to develop his own career in the Wilf Carter style as The Otago Rambler while in the late 1940s, Cole and Nola teamed up with double-base player Bill Ditchfield and steel guitarist Colin McCrorie first as The Hawaiian Serenaders and then The Tumbleweeds. They cut dozens of tracks for the Tanza label between 1949 and 1952 and BACM are pleased to present a selection of these recordings which we believe is their first reissue since the original singles. To quote from Paul Hazell’s liner notes: “Cole’s distinctive vocals and occasional yodelling, Nola’s harmonies and McCrorie’s melancholy steel combined to produce a distinctive sound that was new and unique”.

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Track listing:

The Bushman's Rodeo
- Mother Pal And Sweetheart
- Maple On The Hill
- Will You Be Lonesome Too
- When You Have No One To Love You
- Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry
- The Outlaw
- I've Wandered Too Long
- On The Plains Away Out There
- Violets Blue
- Jealous Heart
- Mama Don't Like Music
- The Faded Coat Of Blue
- You Played Love On The Strings Of My Heart
- On The Sunny Side Of The Mountain
- Highway Hobo
- The Smoke Went Up The Chimney Just The Same
- I'll Not Forget My Mother's Prayers
- The Trail To Home Sweet Home
- In A Little Country Town
- Maple On The Hill Part 2
- What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul
- Wedding Bells
- Little Sweetheart Come And Kiss Me ~ Little Pal
- I'm Sorry It Ended This Way.

Price: GBP £13.00           

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08 I've Wandered Too Long (vocals Cole and Nola)

20 In A Little Country Town (vocals Cole Wilson as The Yodelling Tumbleweed)