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CD D 529

CHESTER SMITH Sweet Memories BACM CD 529

A local legend among California country fans but never much promoted elsewhere, Chester Smith was a superb country singer who performed and recorded with an impressive band of top musicians, cutting some great recording well deserving to be brought to new audiences. Our CD features 23 tracks recorded between 1953 and 1959.

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Track listing:

- Holiday For Tears
- Cold Grey Dawn
- Wishing My Life Away
- If I Had My Life To Live Over Again
- Weeping Heart
- Anothers Wedding Ring
- Sweet Memories
- No Wonder
- Men Are So Busy
- Wait  A Little Longer Please Jesus
- Im Gonna Serve Him
- Fellowship
- Singin My Blues To The Lord
- Kvi-Vi--V-Vi-Vitt (Kvee-Vee-Vee-Vee-Veet)
- He Will Calm The Troubled Waters
- All The Way With Jesus
- You Cant Lose With God On Your Side
- Bend Down
- One Life To Live
- Therell Be Other Times
- Love, Love, Love
- Thirsty (The Cotton Choppin Song)
- Tennessee Saturday Night


Price: USD $22.00           

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