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CD D 503


Talented bluegrass group, whose core members were not from the Appalachian outback but rather a bunch of Harvard students/ graduates who rode the crest of the 1960s 'Folk Revival' which was bringing bluegrass to new, urban audiences; here with some of their earliest recordings from the early 1960s, refreshing takes on a mix of old timey classics and songs from the core bluegrass repertoire. Some brilliant musicianship (guitar, mandolin and banjo) and fine vocals. Includes bluegrassy interpretations of two classic Jimmie Rodgers songs, Waiting For A Train and Way Out On The Mountain.

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Track listing:

- Let It Fall
- Solid Gone
- The Cuckoo
- Burglar Man
- Cold Penitentiary Blues
- Oh Me Oh My
- Wildwood Flower
- Old Reuben
- Waiting For A Train
- Bringing In The Georgia Mail
- Down By The Seashore
- Glens Chimes
- Oh Babe It Aint No Lie
- Pig Town Fling
- Goin To Georgia
- Whoa  Mule
- You Aint Talkin To Me
- Flop Eared Mule
- Rocky Island
- White Dove
- Front Porch Backstep
- Flying Saucers
- Away Out On The Mountain
- Foggy Foggy Dew
- Easy Winner
- Leaving Home
- Auctioneer
- Victim Of The Tomb
- Crazy Creek



Price: USD $22.00           

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02 Solid Gone (1962)

23-Way-Out-On-The-Mountain (1962)